Artistic Perfect Dip Colored Powders Walking On Cloud 9, 0.8 oz.

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Blue Crème

Lucid Blooms Dip Nails Color Collection: This collection is inspired by the hazy yet captivating memory of a dream. You can feel it, you can almost see it, but you can’t quite grasp it. It’s the alluring beauty of something just out of reach. The goal of the Lucid Blooms colour palette, with its soft hues and shining shimmers, is to evoke those same vivid feelings of enchantment.

Lucid Blooms Dip Nail Powder Color Featured: Walking On Cloud 9 – Blue Crème color coming in our 0.8 oz. Make it your polish of choice this season!

The Application Process: Artistic Soak Off Dip Powder Colors utilizes specially formulated soak off technology and specially designed color pigments to create the ultimate in quick dry nail options. Our dipping powder is an easy application and can be used for accents and nail art with applications your imagination can only dream of!

Pair This Nail Powder Dip With: Apply the Artistic Nail Dip Prep to clean off the nail followed by the Artistic Dip Base Coat, Artistic Dip Activator, Dip Powder shade will be applied followed by the Artistic Dip Powders Top Coat.

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