Gelish Soft Gel Kit Medium Square (550CT)

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Gelish Soft Gel Kit Medium Square (550CT) 

550CT SOFT GEL TIPS: Gelish nail extension tips are designed to move with the contour of the natural nail for a perfect fit, more break-resistant design. Soft gel nail tips ensure a close fit side-to-side, completely covering the nail grooves.

0.5 Fl. Oz TIP PRIMER: Apply to the nail bed and a swipe to the soft gel nail tip for secure hold and longevity to nail.

0.5 Fl. Oz SOFT GEL ADHESIVE: Apply to soft gel tip after tip primer to create long lasting nail extensions to nail.

TOP IT OFF: This top coat nail gel provides a protective top layer that's easily polished to a high shine finish, highlighting your new gel color with a fantastic finish. Top It Off Sealer Gel cures in just 30 seconds under Gelish LED Light.

TOUCH MINI LED LIGHT: Includes the LED Light Gel Polish Curing Lamp. Gelish Touch LED takes application speed to another level. Integrate fast, even flash curing into your services with focused LED Beam technology to finish full sets in 20 minutes or less or use for single gel curing.

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